Hola VPN Review 2020 – Unblock Any Website


"The VPN market is flooded with too many choices that make it extremely hard to choose a reliable and affordable VPN. Hola VPN is one of the finest VPN provides out there in the market. If you’re looking for a fast, reliable and secure VPN, Hola VPN is definitely worth your try."

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What is a VPN? Do you really need that in 2020? Everything you need to know


"Hola VPN has over 200 million users worldwide. The fast and exceptionally user-friendly VPN service is unrivalled as a free VPN service offering unlimited access. It is undoubtedly the only choice to unlock foreign websites. You will be hard pressed to find a website that Hola VPN cannot unlock. Hola VPN’s impressive peer-to-peer technology combined with its flexibility to use on any platform and an ad-free experience make it simply irresistible."

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Bright Data, a partner we can trust!


Read TheTelegraph review of Britht Data SDK:

"We accept that Luminati does not in any way condone the use of its network for nefarious or unlawful purposes, and that it has extensive security and compliance practices in order to prevent illegitimate activities on its network. Applications which have incorporated Luminati software have not been banned from any retail platforms."

A VPN that is really free – Hola VPN!


"Hola VPN uses residential IPs. Residential IPs are much harder to detect and subsequently block, giving users unlimited access to their favorite content streaming platforms like Netflix. Hola VPN is renowned for its exceptional unblocking capabilities. It is arguably the only free VPN that gives users access to 99.9% of the web."

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Hola VPN is a fast and exceptionally user‑friendly VPN


"Hola VPN’s impressive peer-with-peer technology with flexibility to use on any platform and an ad-free experience make it very good choice and simply irresistible. Welcome to a faster, Better Internet!"

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In-depth Hola VPN Review


"Among the many VPN services available on the market, Hola VPN is THE one to try. The service has over 200 million users in 190 countries worldwide. Hola is a reliable VPN provider with both FREE and PAID plans. The free service is ideal for regular internet users looking to unblock websites."

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Hola Free VPN New Version Rolled Out With Performance Improvements And Bug Fixes


"Hola Free VPN is a great app which offers a reliable VPN service without the need to pay a dime for it. It works by using a secure peer-to-peer protocol which harnesses idle resources to offer an impressive experience."

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Half of all Google Chrome extensions have fewer than 16 installs


"There are a few extensions that are getting close to the 10 million threshold, such as the ones listed below, but the number of extensions with multi-million userbases is still quite small, especially when we compare Chrome extensions with Android apps, Google's other successful ecosystem, also with over one billion monthly active users."

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Top 6 Best Chrome VPN for Secure Browsing


"Hola is one of the most popular freely available VPN services in the world. This VPN free Chrome is usually recommended for personal use or home networks. If you are using it for business, then you can obtain its commercial license. It provides a premium security, making it the best VPN for Chrome."

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List of 10 Best Free VPN Chrome Extensions to Use in 2019


"It considered one of the fast VPN in terms of unblocking a website or content. With more than 189 million people around the globe, HOLA is contemplated a ratified as an excellent freemium VPN that is available in both app and web format."

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VPNServicePro Review


"With a variety of VPN services to choose from, there is at least one that stands out for its unique approach to user traffic distribution. We are talking about Hola VPN, which is an Israel-based provider of virtual private network services."

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Using VPN for commercial purposes


Do you need a VPN to collect data for your business?

Free VPNs would usually let you unblock some services and website. Premium VPNs will also encrypt your data and hide your original IP.

But what if you need a VPN for your business, for larger scale scraping and you want to automate your operation?

You need a proxy service for businesses.

What is a proxy service for businesses?

It is a proxy network with millions of IPs that lets you access large scale of information with more complex blocking. It also provides advanced options, such as:

  • Multiple IP types (data-center / residential / mobile)
  • IP geolocation (most services offer country level, some offer city level)
  • Custom User-Agent and headers
  • Concurrent sessions
  • Exclusive IPs

Some of the services also offer tools that help with avoiding errors and captchas, automating data collection, checking links and ads, and enhances the web browser’s capabilities.

How to choose a proxy service?

Main 3 points to consider when choosing your proxy service

  1. The first and most important - that the service fully supports your use case. For example, if you verify ads then you may need to check links using IPs of real users (residential and mobile), and you may also need the IPs from specific geolocations and/or carriers.
  2. Make sure that the service is fully legal, doesn’t share your private data and approves only legal and ethical use of its service. Some services put themselves, the peers of their network and their customers (you) at risk of being abused and/or dealing with complaints and lawsuits against them.
  3. Find a service that provides you with helpful tools. Some proxy tools offer abilities that you didn’t even know that you need but are crucial to some use cases. It would take you a huge amount of money and a long time to develop those abilities on your own.

Here’s why Bright Data (a Hola’s partner) may be your best choice

  1. With the biggest proxy network in the world including Mobile IPs, Residential IPs and Data Center IPs, Bright Data certainly supports your use case.
  2. As for today, Bright Data is the only proxy service that does a full KYC (know your customer) process and approves only 100% legal activity. Bright Data was the first service to offer the IPs of real people, it coined the term “Residential Proxy” and it holds the patents for it.
  3. The Bright Data Proxy Manager nullifies the need to write any code and provides the ability to easily automate and optimize your operation. The capabilities it brings and the money it saves are enormous. More tools that Bright Data offers are the Chrome extension for advanced manual browsing and the Link tester for testing links’ hops and destination URL. All these proxy tools are 100% free for Bright Data’s customers.

Try Bright Data's services

Which VPN is good for me? a VPN guide


Paying for a premium VPN when all you need is to access your favorite TV show is almost as sloppy as attempting to browse anonymously with a free VPN and imagining that you’re fully protected.

Knowing which kind of VPN you need is key for getting the best result at the best price.

Free VPN vs Premium VPN

If you’re just looking to access that TV show, then the Hola’s free VPN will be best for you. It’s not encrypted or anonymous, but it’s free. If you choose another VPN service for that, just make sure they are committed to keep your privacy as Hola commits in its privacy policy.

If it’s an encrypted and anonymous VPN that you’re looking for, then you should use a secured VPN like Hola’s premium (paid) VPN.

Using VPN for full anonymity

To keep a totally secure connection requires not only to choose the right VPN, but also to use it the right way.

In his article to TechCrunch “WTF is a VPN?”, Romain Dillet wrote that “No, a VPN doesn’t mean that you’ll be more secure on the internet. It depends on the VPN server.” with the following explanation: “When you use a VPN to change your country, avoid censorship or protect your connection in a coffee shop, the VPN server at the other end can see all your network traffic. You’re just moving the risk down the VPN tunnel, and it can be quite dangerous if you’re not careful enough.” This means that using a private VPN helps to keep your privacy only when you use a secure internet connection as well.

VPN options

Learn more about the different VPN options available for you in the links and the comparison table below, and find the one that fits your needs the best.

External articles

Comparison table

Technical nameProduct examplesUse caseDownsideEncrypt dataRoutes all dataHides client IP from server
Onion RoutingTORExtreme IP and data protectionVery slowYESYESYES
Full VPNHola VPN PLUS, ExpressVPN, PrivateVPNHigh IP and data protectionVPN servers know your IP, and may sometimes keep logYESYESYES
Unblocker VPNHola Free VPN, ProtonVPNChange website geography, fastest surfingNo privacy protectionPartialNOPartial
DNS VPNHola DNS VPNChange website geography, simple setupNo privacy protectionNONOPartial
Remote Access VPN (PPTP/IPSec)Trend Micro FirewallConnect to your workplaceDoes not protect your online surfingPartial (only workplace sites)NONO
Site to Site VPN Connect enterprise locations togetherDoes not protect your online surfingPartial (only workplace sites)NONO

Proxy options

Shared proxies

Use the IPs that originate from data-centers (aka ‘static IPs’) to anonymously access web resources with long and stable sessions and fast connections.

Residential proxy

Use the IPs of real people, from any location in the world and with a device of your choice. The sessions are shorter than with data-center IPs, but your identity is that of a real user and you can rest assure that the data you get is accurate.

Yesterday's Compromise of our Google Chrome Developer Account


Yesterday our deployment team discovered that the Hola Chrome extension which was live for a few hours was not the one that our development team uploaded to the Chrome Store. After initial investigation, we found that our Google Chrome Store account was compromised, and that a hacker uploaded a modified version of the extension to the store. We quickly replaced that version with the official version, secured the account, and set about to investigate what the malicious player was attempting to do with this hack.

Within a few hours, we determined that the target of the attack was MEW ( - the crypto wallet website, and the attack was programmed to inject a JavaScript tag in to the MEW site to "phish" information about MEW accounts that are logging in without being in 'incognito mode', by re-directing the MEW users to the hacker's website.

We notified MEW, notified Google, and ensured that the hacker's web site was down.

You may be affected by this breach if you have had the Hola extension installed while the rogue version was live AND the extension was turned on AND have logged in to your without being in incognito mode.

Steps We've Taken

Immediately upon learning about the incident, we set up a CyberSecurity response team to investigate the incident. We also took immediate emergency steps to immediately replace the extension, secure the developers account, and to monitor versions on a constant basis to ensure this does not recur.

We are now determining the scope of the compromise, and conducting an assessment on steps that can be taken to help prevent such an incident from occurring in the future. We will share the findings from this analysis with the ecosystem to help ensure a safer Internet environment.

What our users should do

If you are also using CryptoCurrency wallets, we recommend that you change passwords, and that you log in to those sites only in incognito mode, where code injection is not possible. We will also work with the Crypto eco system on standards that will help prevent similar events in this nascent market.

For now, there are no other actions that our users need to take as a result of this incident.

Going forward

We will work with MEW and others in the ecosystem on standards that will make Crypto wallets safer from these forms of attacks.

As always, your privacy and the security of your data are our highest priority. We continually assess our procedures and policies and seek new ways to improve our approach to security.

We set up a 24/7 security customer support team to assist customers who have concerns or questions about the incident. Hola users who have questions or concerns about this incident can contact our security customer support team at

The Hola team

Do give Hola VPN a try


"Hola VPN is also a free VPN service with no restrictions on bandwidth or speed, and it even allows you to choose any virtual location from a list of more than fifteen different countries."

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